1. We take a look at 1 Timothy 5 and how we should respect all in the church, but especially those who are older than us and those who are destitute.
  2. Gretchen and Katie talk about what happens when we focus on our pietism in ways that often hurt our neighbors. How does this happen?
  3. As believers, we have the freedom to write off social media completely, or interact with others online. A lot of that decision has to do with vocation (or calling), and loving your neighbor well.
  4. Is it cooler to think there is a grand secret conspiracy based on human trafficking or that human trafficking happens far more often and far more normally than we are comfortable with? And how did we create a culture that produced Marilyn Manson and is simultaneously shocked and offended by him? Oh yeah, we are really all idiots incapable of running our own lives let alone the world!
  5. In between boarding up your windows and hauling 5 lb. drums of peanut butter down to your basement, grab a hot rum toddy, pull your muck boots up, and inject yourself with a little reality in Jesus with the Preachers.
  6. Riley and Gillespie continue their conversation on moderation in public dialogue, the wrath of God, our passions, and not succumbing to media propaganda.
  7. You Can’t Get Right if You Can’t Relate... Much too little has been done either to articulate or to augment the kind of "pastoral care" that equips Christian citizens to demonstrate care for the world in their daily vocation.
  8. Our appearance is designed to be familiar and to put you at ease. We continue our discussion of the Church and social change and upheaval.
  9. Are You Gonna Slay It? We take a deep dive into the relation of the Church to social change and upheaval.
  10. Things are falling apart. Nothing new, just a different way. Jesus falls smack dab in the middle of all this shit!

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