1. Jesus is the very incarnation of the comfort Isaiah speaks of. He is the Word of God shining in a weary and dark world.
  2. Woe to Paul if he did not because he would be missing out on the love of Christ and, by extension, love for his fellow man.
  3. Jesus is about the business of remaking creation, one synagogue, one house, one city at a time.
  4. In the Word, you find peace. It proclaims peace first between you and God because of Jesus. That empowers you to deal peacefully with others and brings you peace of mind.
  5. This Spirit of love permits no Christian to exercise their freedom at the expense of another Christian still troubled by old associations.
  6. Moses cannot do what needs to be done for Israel much less for himself. We need a prophet greater than Moses, since even Moses needs a savior for himself.
  7. Wonder at the God who speaks and at the actual words He speaks. Be willing to walk away with a limp as well as a blessing.
  8. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss one of Christ's first acts in his ministry career.

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