1. In today's episode of Preaching the Text we talk again about the distinction between law and gospel.
  2. In this episode of Preaching the Text, we discuss the beatitudes – what Luther once described as the devil's favorite text of scripture to distort.
  3. In this episode of Preaching the Text, we talk about Matthew's account of the beginning of Christ's ministry, especially his first sermon.
  4. In this episode of Preaching the Text, we explore John's ministry of pointing to Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
  5. This episode explores Matthew's account of the wise men visiting Herod having seen the star signaling the birth of Christ.
  6. THE 105 Intro to Scripture – Audio 001: Nativities and John the Baptizer
  7. In between boarding up your windows and hauling 5 lb. drums of peanut butter down to your basement, grab a hot rum toddy, pull your muck boots up, and inject yourself with a little reality in Jesus with the Preachers.
  8. On episode FORTY of Let the Bird Fly! Wade and Mike get together to discuss the season of Epiphany.