1. The Thinking Fellows discuss the idea that Christmas has pagan roots.
  2. Dr. Paulson has one more Christmas story from Luther to share.
  3. Merry Christmas from the Outlaw God Podcast.
  4. Caleb and Scott host a Christmas episode where they talk about Santa, magic, and Scott’s graying beard.
  5. Dr. Paulson walks through Luther's Christmas Hymn, From Heaven Above To Earth I Come.
  6. Scott, Caleb, and Dave Rufner discuss the place and purpose of Church seasons.
  7. As part of two Christmas episodes, Dr. Paulson talks about the importance of the incarnation.
  8. The Thinking Fellows talk about Christmas platitudes, comfort at Christmas, and share some personal Christmas stories.
  9. Christmas Eve, Dr. Keith and Caleb take the opportunity to discuss the significance and balance in celebrating Christmas.
  10. Christmas and apologetics go hand in hand this week as we talk about the incarnation of Christ.