1. Not only does Scripture command us to maintain purity of doctrine and practice, it also commands us to reconcile with our brother, to seek to end division, and recognize common ground where there is common ground.
  2. Philip Bartelt and John Hoyum join Caleb to read and discuss the Third Article of the Apostles' Creed.
  3. Cyprian actually rejected the accusation that he believed in rebaptism because he considered only the baptism within the church to be a valid or true baptism.
  4. Scott and Caleb are joined by Philip Bartelt to discuss Donatism.
  5. When Revelation’s words read against their original context, old meaning and new meaning are simultaneously brought to light as language and imagery is translated from the Old Testament to the New.
  6. Despite the grave threat of martyrdom during his roughly thirty years of ministry, St. Patrick persevered and experienced enormous success.
  7. Though not without his faults, Anselm of Canterbury is unquestionably one of the great theologians of the last millennium.
  8. Pelagius maintained an orthodox appearance while rejecting original sin and the distinction between law and gospel.
  9. Instead of defining the true church in the way of the law, Augustine approaches the issue pastorally in the way of the gospel.
  10. This creed is no mere squabble over words. Salvation is on the line.