1. When and how did the church start this season of anticipation?
  2. Tradition in service of the gospel is good. Demanding the gospel serve tradition shows the filth of your heart.
  3. Don't glue boards together and don't drink the Kool-Aid. Craig and Troy describe why both of those make for bad Christological heresies. We trust in the true Christ who is fully God and fully man, given for us.
  4. God the Father, God the Space Ghost, and God the Holy Ghost? That doesn't seem right. How about, God the Father, God the Created Son, and . . . no, that's not right either. Craig and Troy look at some more Christoogical heresies that try to understand Jesus, but miss the mark.
  5. Knowing who Jesus is allows us to be reassured of our salvation. Jesus is both true God and true man, in a mysterious way that cannot be fully understood. "Bad words" about Jesus result in heresy and are destructive to your faith.
  6. God is three, yet God is one, which means He is beyond our ability to fully comprehend. So why do we believe in a Triune God? Craig and Troy chat over some Trinitarian heresies and give us the comfort of knowing the One True Triune God.
  7. Craig and Troy open up the heresy series by looking at Gnosticism, the belief that the physical world is evil, the spiritual world is good, and we are saved by having a secret special knowledge.
  8. What is heresy, anyway? Why does it matter? Craig and Troy walk through the basic understandings of heresy and heterodoxy and their dangers. True Biblical teaching always leads us to who Jesus really is, and who He is for you. Email us: ForYouRadio@1517.org St. James Lutheran Church www.stjameslcms.church St. Peter's Lutheran Church www.Stpeterslc.org We're proud to be a podcast of 1517.org podcasts.
  9. The Christian faith as expressed in the Creed - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Special guest Caleb Keith who is in charge of Podcasts for 1517.org, Co-Host of the Thinking Fellows Podcast and editor of the book Credo, now available at 1517.org
  10. It was reported that Hus died singing, “Christ, son of the living God, have mercy on me.”
  11. Hus held that Christ alone grants salvation and that popes do not.