1. This is an excerpt from chapter 2 of The Resurrection Fact: Responding to Modern Critics, edited by John Bombaro and Adam Francisco (1517 Publishing 2016).
  2. In this episode, David and Adam conclude their brief overview of the heresies that preceded and led to the ecumenical councils of Nicæa (325) and Constantinople (381).
  3. In this episode, David and Adam talk about the Jewish-Christian Ebionites (and their adoptionist Christology) and begin to introduce Arianism.
  4. David and Adam begin a new miniseries covering the major Christian heresies that preceded the Council of Nicaea (AD 325).
  5. David and Adam finish their conversation about the Regensburg lecture.
  6. The Thinking Fellows continue their conversation on Gresham Machen's Christianity and Liberalism.
  7. Caleb, Scott, Adam, and Bruce discuss J. Gresham Machen's work Christianity and Liberalism. 
  8. Just like we end up walking in circles when lost with no navigation instruments, so does humankind outside of Christ. Nothing has changed since the Reformation. People still suck and God still loves.
  9. On this episode, the Fellows have a conversation about historical methodology and why it is important for the practice of theology but also daily life. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show.
  10. The Thinking Fellows record a live podcast every year at the Here We Still Stand conference.
  11. The historic creeds are brief summations of Scriptural truth. Their use has been to combat heresy by gifting the words of faith and crediting Christ alone for salvation.
  12. Dan talks about the second half of the 20th century and how it has led to the current cloudy question of where Christianity is headed.

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