1. I think the problem with the idea of eternity is that we do not have any direct experience of it, but we encounter enough of its possibility to be unsettling.
  2. One of the primary reasons we do not have to fear the future is because the future is certain in Christ.
  3. Darkness is not your only friend. Jesus loves you, and he will be with you.
  4. This episode we have Michelle Diercks to talk about her new book "Promised Rest: Finding Peace in God's Presence."
  5. There is perhaps no better observation about the nature of anxiety and depression than its fundamental desire for avoidance.
  6. The imprecatory psalms are like release valves for hurting souls. Their stanzas are God-given spaces in which we can bear our soul’s torment.
  7. For all mankind, the answer is terrifically simple and remains the same: God wants to turn us towards the cross and then turn us back to our neighbors.
  8. It turns out that when Elijah battled depression, God sent someone to just be with him. To comfort him.
  9. The reason the mind is endlessly troubled about God predestining everything is the vague generalization. Generalizations are cold as ice, without the warm Christ.
  10. What is it, though, that makes bedtime so fraught with anxiety?
  11. For those of us who recognize the disciples’ despair in ourselves, Jesus comes with the same word: “Relax, it’s me. Peace be with you.”

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