1. What’s the big deal about Jesus’ name?
  2. I didn’t see Christmas as a gift given to me to enjoy, I saw Christmas as a long list of expectations I needed to hold up to love those around me.
  3. Can you imagine Christmas from creation’s point of view?
  4. Luke shows us that when we try to fit God into our life movie, the plot is all wrong; and not just wrong but trivial.
  5. We still think we can sort own own problems with more money, more education, more resources, more techniques, more, more, more.
  6. Show me your righteousness, we can only point to Jesus
  7. It is the love of God that reveals Him as the promise-making, promise-keeping God.
  8. C.S. Lewis, Grief, and the Holiday Season
  9. As You Wait: Always Winter Never Christmas is an Advent poem by Tanner Olson
  10. The following poem was written by Tanner Olson to accompany 1517’s 2023 Advent Resources, The Clothing of the King. Advent begins this Sunday.
  11. This article comes to us from our friend’s at Storymakers and was written by Jane Grizzle. For more information on Storymakers, please visit their website.
  12. It makes perfect sense that the day honoring Jesus' birth would be observed in a decidedly less than refined manner.

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