Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is a husband, father to two little girls, and is an armchair student of theology. He is a freelance writer and editor with a penchant for redemptive snark. Until recently, Matt spent 7 years as an associate volunteer pastor in counseling and recovery ministry. Many moons ago Matt forwent a proper education and traveled the country playing drums in bands you've never heard of. He likes long walks on the beach, puppies, and has questionable taste in music.

The Scandal of the Incarnation

If we want a true depiction of the Christmas story, we ought to consider the scandal of the coming of Jesus.

When to Pass on a Baptism Candidate

Everything was perfectly teed up to move the needle on the baptism metric, but I just couldn’t do it. I told her she shouldn't get baptized.

Abs-of-Steel Man & Mr. Sad-Sack

I saw a commercial once that said I just have to do whatever it takes to actualize my best me. And it makes sense, really. Doing results in being, cause and effect. Want six-pack abs? Just buy the right product and give your new, healthy lifestyle 110% for 10 weeks and maybe you’ll see results.

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