After a long summer of traveling guest episodes, the Fellows are back in Southern California recording together. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Dr. Wade Johnston to discuss his two books, A Path Strewn With Sinners and An Uncompromising Gospel.

The fire of the Reformation was fueled by lay education. To that end, both books are meant for study at the lay level, no Ph.D. or formal training necessary. A Path Strewn With Sinners takes the Gospel of Mark and breaks it down into bite-size pieces making it an excellent reading companion for self-study or group Bible class. Similarly, An Uncompromising Gospel takes the history of post-Luther Lutheranism and makes it easy to approach and understand.

Show Notes:

A Path Strewn With Sinners

Let the Bird Fly

The Woman Jesus Called a Dog

The Book of Concord (Online)

An Uncompromising Gospel

The Book of Concord (Print Sources and Context of The Book of Concord