1. Zwingli the Pastor provides an excellent introduction to the Swiss reformer’s life and work, focusing on Zwingli’s philosophy of church reform, biographical details, and mode of exegesis.
  2. Papa, can you hear me? In this episode, Gillespie and Riley read and discuss the Marburg Theses. The Reformers, Luther and Zwingli (and their colleagues), sat down to try to find common theological ground. What resulted has influenced the Church to this day.
  3. Dear Rome... Yeah, It’s Probably For The Best That We Never See Each Other Again. This week, Gillespie and Riley read and discuss Ulrich Zwingli’s 67 Theses defending the theological reforms in Zurich. Zwingli is provocative, sometimes hyperbolic, but driven by a zeal for the reformation doctrine of Christ alone for the salvation of sinners apart from their works.
  4. The Fellows take a one week break from their series on the history of the Reformation to answer listener questions. The questions range all the way from the doctrine of Zwingli to apologetic responses to evolution.
  5. Before his death in 1532 Ulrich Zwingli led a more radical reform than those in Wittenberg. Zwingli was not only a theologian, but also a humanist, and a soldier ultimately leading to his death on the battlefield.