1. This hymn is not for people who feel strong, but those who are weak.
  2. Today on the show, we to the mailbag for a special Tuesday edition with a question about the Apocrypha.
  3. If a key part of the Reformation was placing God’s Word back into the hands of the people in a clear, understandable way, then John of Ragusa can be called a “Prometheus” in his own right.
  4. Today on the show, we remember the debut of the best-selling English translation of the Bible.
  5. Luther's September Testament not only shaped the reformers’ theology but also was as big an influence on the German language as Shakespeare was for English.
  6. Bo Giertz attained infamy in Sweden for a humble adherence to unpopular, orthodox practice and doctrine.
  7. Hermeneutics in Romans: Paul’s Approach to Reading the Bible is now available from 1517 Publishing
  8. We wanted to spend just a few minutes answering For You Crew questions, but as usual got carried away. Listen as Craig and Troy spitball on the question of Bible translations and specifically on the King James Version.
  9. This is an excerpt from Martin Luther’s Commentary on Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians (1535), written by Martin Luther and translated by Haroldo Camacho (1517 Publishing, 2018).
  10. What makes the word of God "Essentially Translatable"? Reverend Rich Rudowske of Lutheran Bible Translators and the Essentially Translatable podcast talks with Craig and Troy and explains the importance of this specialized missionary work.
  11. These new texts and manuscripts, while not altering the message of the text, can give us better insight into particular historical and grammatical issues.

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