1. In this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson explore the temptation of Christ in the wilderness right after his baptism.
  2. Jesus rejects what we believe is most necessary and instead points us to his pain, suffering, death, and self-sacrifice.
  3. The petition not to be led into temptation is found in just the right place within the seven petitions.
  4. Yes, Adam and Eve both participated in sin. This was a joint effort of the two genders of mankind. They are both sinners. But the first sin wasn't letting the serpent in the garden.
  5. Get behind me bourgie theology! Pick up your cross and turn on your radio to Ringside Preachers. Talking about Rush Limbaugh’s legacy, shaking hands like a man and not a fish, and you-know-who: Jesus.
  6. Craig and Troy tackle the issue that has caused so many first-year seminarians untold sleepless nights: When Jesus was tempted, could He actually have sinned?
  7. Satan had so much success in deceiving the first Adam he figures he can do the same with the Second Adam. But Jesus won't play Satan's game according to Satan's rules.
  8. Jesus is our sympathizer, our propitiation, and our advocate. We will be tempted but God will provide the way out, the way out is Jesus, the one who died for our sins.

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