1. It is of the utmost importance that pastors teach their congregation that through faith in Jesus Christ, they are fortified against the machinations of the adversary.
  2. Jesus rejects what we believe is most necessary and instead points us to his pain, suffering, death, and self-sacrifice.
  3. The petition not to be led into temptation is found in just the right place within the seven petitions.
  4. Yes, Adam and Eve both participated in sin. This was a joint effort of the two genders of mankind. They are both sinners. But the first sin wasn't letting the serpent in the garden.
  5. Jesus is our sympathizer, our propitiation, and our advocate. We will be tempted but God will provide the way out, the way out is Jesus, the one who died for our sins.
  6. Only God's Word of Gospel can permanently help and heal the addicted.
  7. There’s a delicious freedom to wrongdoing. It taps a primal desire within us for rebellion. We feel liberated, unshackled by demands to be this way, do this, avoid that. We become masters of our own destiny.
  8. But this is not a story of Jesus being taken many places. This is a story of Jesus remaining in one place and deepening in His love of the Spirit and the Father.
  9. What a person quickly realizes when sin, death, and Satan attack in concrete reality is how inadequate and ill-equipped they are to fight them off.
  10. Let us preach Christ and Him crucified to the masses.
  11. The Christian who understands Gospel-based love recognizes the false promises and rewards of the Playboy Mansion.
  12. But that’s the way he rolls, isn't it? By misquoting, manipulating, and ripping God’s word out of context, the devil wields it as a weapon to drive us to doubt and pride.

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