1. We are excited to have Nancy Guthrie on to talk about her journey into Biblical theology.
  2. Every part of Jesus’ encounter with Mary Magdalene in John 20 was incredibly intentional and personal for God to systematically redeem what was lost.
  3. In one more episode before our interview, we wanted to go over Titus 2, which is often the prooftext given for the false idea that men and women are sanctified differently. This episode could fit both in our discussion of womanhood in the Bible, as well as verses frequently taken out of context.
  4. In our out of context verses, we got a couple of requests for Matthew 7, specifically the verses that talk about people crying out "Lord, Lord" and claiming to have prophesies in his name, but God turning his back, and saying that he never knew you.
  5. Because of Christ, we find safety and healing in the light. Because of Christ, we do not have to be afraid of the truth that his light reveals.
  6. As we are continuing our "verses taken out of context" episodes, we are honored to have Rev. Bob Hiller, author of "Christ in the Straw" to help us understand James 2:26.
  7. Gretchen and Katie continue talking through leading or being a part of Bible studies.
  8. Whether you lead Bible studies, attend Bible studies, or are thinking about joining a Bible study, you will find something helpful in this episode.
  9. One of the last questions given to Gretchen and Katie was about Bible study recommendations. This was a perfect transition episode into our next series as we go deep into the topic of Bible studies.
  10. When we approach the Bible from a hyper-individualistic viewpoint, the burden to be in it daily is on our individual shoulders, the burden to interpret and understand it is all on our individual shoulders, and we can end up sitting down to what can appear at first glance to be an enormous to-do list we cannot live up to--an activity to dread. It's the "just read it and then do it" method.
  11. As God in his mercy enacted his plan to redeem his loved ones, he took them step by step. In the process of redeeming every part of us, he sent us prophets like Moses.
  12. If I’m honest, I want that completed Bible reading plan more than I want grace.