Depart, for I never knew you

In our out of context verses, we got a couple of requests for Matthew 7, specifically the verses that talk about people crying out "Lord, Lord" and claiming to have prophesies in his name, but God turning his back, and saying that he never knew you.

In the context of Matthew 7, these verses are actually about assessing false prophets, not for the purpose of you wondering if God knows you. Gretchen and Katie talk about the beginning passage about our difficulty with judging people, all the way to the end of the chapter, through the section talking about the narrow road (which is Christ), then to the requested section on false prophets, and finishing with building our foundation on the rock (which is Christ) which is a sure foundation.

False prophets will tell us many things that may be from the Bible, but with a twist, and that twist is to take our eyes off the narrow way of Christ, and off the firm foundation of Christ, and twist the words to either limit or remove Christ from the conversation.

They also talk about our preoccupation with inspecting fruit, and when we should and shouldn't do this.

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