1. The whole of the Scriptures are interpreted through the lens of the Law and the Gospel.
  2. Craig and Troy launch into a new mini-series on their favorite Scriptures . . . the ones that are the central themes of the faith
  3. Jesus fells the Pharisees with the folly of their fallacies.
  4. Jesus uses a lot of animal metaphors in order to instruct His disciples in how to interact with the world.
  5. Jesus sends out His Twelve Sent-Ones on their first mission. Why does He give them the instructions that He gives . . . and what's up with the staff?
  6. Jesus does Jesus stuff, but more Jesus workers are needed to do Jesus stuff, so Jesus apostles His disciples so that more Jesus stuff can get done . . . or something like that.
  7. We wanted to spend just a few minutes answering For You Crew questions, but as usual got carried away. Listen as Craig and Troy spitball on the question of Bible translations and specifically on the King James Version.
  8. At the outset of His ministry, Jesus' authority is on full display. Authority over sickness, authority over demons, and the authority to call you to follow Him
  9. . . . but the joke's on Herod. Joseph takes Mary and baby Jesus to refuge in Egypt, and all that happens in Matthew 2 is done in order to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament.
  10. What makes the word of God "Essentially Translatable"? Reverend Rich Rudowske of Lutheran Bible Translators and the Essentially Translatable podcast talks with Craig and Troy and explains the importance of this specialized missionary work.
  11. Paul's genesis as an apostle is established by Christ, not by man. Therefore, the gospel Paul preaches can be trusted to be the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  12. As Craig and Troy crack open the book of Galatians, Saul the Christ-hater becomes Paul the one sent by Christ. He knows what gospel is, so why have the Galatians forgotten?

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