1. In the first episode of 2024, Kelsi chats with 1517 Scholar in Residence, Chad Bird, about the benefits to reading the Bible in a Year, some helpful and guiltless ways to approach this goal and reading Scripture in general.
  2. Only by accurately and honestly reporting the views of those with whom we disagree can we then properly address and refute them. This is the approach Solberg has taken.
  3. When I finished this book, I loved the Bible, and the Bible’s author, even more. And I can’t imagine a better endorsement than that.
  4. In this episode, Chad discusses the symbolism of the horn.
  5. Surprise! You are the new king!
  6. The king will live, but the king will die.
  7. This day is a day of gospel.
  8. Chariots of fire and severe famine.
  9. Naaman is a believer, and an ax head floats.
  10. Limping with God: Jacob and the Life of Discipleship

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