1. To a world enslaved to time (because it has no future), the Church's disregard for clocks and calendars is ridiculous.
  2. God's justice is marked and measured by sacrificial love, not power as the world defines it.
  3. His resurrection reveals that Jonah, and all of us, even the evilest people, are salvageable, even from suicide, in Jesus' death and resurrection.
  4. The promise of Advent is the promise of the lamb slain, who is born and given for us so that we don’t have to fear sin, death, and hell.
  5. Rather than validate our selfish, self-serving choices, he justifies us by giving us new life and baptizing us into his death and resurrection.
  6. Jesus has won the battle. The war is over. In His death, the victory’s sure.
  7. Where Jesus says, “She’s not dead, she’s sleeping,” death dies.
  8. When we focus on God's self-giving Word, when we turn our attention to Golgotha, we are shown a wholly different way of viewing the Commandments.
  9. Only the poor are in need of a Savior, and only the dead need faith, hope, and love delivered to them by the hand of the Almighty.
  10. As long as we hold tight to a life that was never ours to possess in the first place, so long as we refuse to lay down our life so others can live, Jesus can't do a thing for us.
  11. Like her Lord, the Church has dirt under her nails, the smell of coffin wood on her clothes, and a hunger in her belly.
  12. Over and over, generation after generation, sinners repeat the same mistake. "How is it possible that God can be a man," we ask.