The Bible and church confess Jesus as king. But, what does this mean? Jesus doesn't come to conquer like other kings. There's no brutality. There are no weapons and armor. There's no show of strength. Instead, as the Bible portrays Him, Jesus comes to show us kindness. He's come to forgive the unforgivable. He's Savior to the forsaken. He's come to make peace with those who treat him as an enemy. This is how he will be king for us.

Jesus' victory doesn't look like other victories. He doesn't defeat those who treat Him as an enemy with a great show of power. There's no war cry. No army follows Him into battle. Not a shot is fired. Instead of a war horse, He rides a donkey. He doesn't intimidate anyone. He's humble and ordinary.

Instead of an army, love and peace follow Jesus. That's how He'll be king for us. He's come to make peace with us rebel enemies of God. He blesses us who speak evil against Him. He does good for us who treat Him as an enemy. He gives us what we need even when we try to take it from Him by force.

Instead of an army, love and peace follow Jesus. That’s how He’ll be king for us.

Jesus is our king. A king who rules without brutality, weapons, or a show of strength. But, blood is shed. Jesus' blood is shed for us. His blood confirms His promise to be kind to us, forgive us, and rescue us from that pit where we're at the point of death. Jesus rescues us from sin's guilt, death's pain, and hell's tortures.

Jesus, our king, rescues us. He's our Savior. He's our shield. When sin, death, and hell fire their arrows at us, which are too many to number, Jesus stands between them and us. His body is pierced and pinned to the ground for us. In His death, we may declare victory over sin, death, and hell. And in the power of His resurrection, we may rule over them with Him.

Sin, death, and hell can cry their terrible war cry. They can fire their razor-sharp arrows, so many arrows that the sun is blacked out. They can charge, counter-attack, and flank us. But, they can't defeat us. Jesus has won the battle. The war is over. In His death, the victory's sure. There is peace now between us and God.

Jesus has won the battle. The war is over. In His death, the victory’s sure.

We have peace with God, so what now? Now, we hold the line against sin, death, and hell. They don't surrender, even in defeat. As the Apostle writes, we fasten truth around our waist like a belt. We put on God’s forgiveness as a breastplate. We put on our shoes so we're ready to spread the Good News that gives peace. Pick up the shield of faith that can deflect all the arrows of sin, death, and hell. Put on the helmet of salvation. Grip tight the sword of the Spirit, which is God's Word. Pray in the Spirit in every situation. Be alert. And use every kind of prayer and request to help God's people (Eph. 6:14-18)

This is how Jesus will be king for us, and how we'll serve Him. Not with brutality, weapons, and shows of strength but with the Gospel, faith, God's Word, and prayer. Humble and kind. Forgiving and living in peace with each other. Celebrating His defeat of sin, death, and hell by drinking from the cup of victory. His blood poured down our throat.

This is how Jesus will be king for us.