1. God is the end of living, the destination, the point of it all.
  2. God wants his word of promise to be the only thing we bank on, the only thing we have confidence in.
  3. This hymn is not for people who feel strong, but those who are weak.
  4. Christ's words of exclusive salvation are not just a warning but a sure promise for you.
  5. In today’s episode, Sarah Condon shares her experience with grief and suffering after the death of her parents.
  6. By mandating the promise, Christ states something stronger than just an invitation.
  7. The hardest thing you and I will ever be called to do is to believe that it is done already, that it really and truly is finished.
  8. When I finished this book, I loved the Bible, and the Bible’s author, even more. And I can’t imagine a better endorsement than that.
  9. There is a revival, no less real and even more definitive, taking place in every church, every weekend, where God’s people gather around his gifts.
  10. We too are God’s baptized, beloved, blood-bought believers. And no one can ever take that away from us.

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