1. Paul’s prayers for his beloved Ephesians do not focus so much on their physical or social well-being, but on the most important thing: That they know and love Christ Jesus!
  2. All humanity is bound to sin and dead in their trespasses, but Christ’s blood was shed for the lot of us!
  3. In my experience, no theological topic causes more existential angst than the truth that God has predestined people for salvation. When such a weighty doctrine is broached, what is a preacher to do?
  4. God will use the thorns and Satanic agents, as opposed to spiritual exercise programs, to fix our eyes on Jesus, not to move past Him.
  5. The Church’s suffering will bring with it a stronger faith in Christ and a bolder proclamation to a world in need of the life Christ alone can give.
  6. Preaching the Trinity as the God who gives of Himself for us will lead to a joyful confession of faith and true doxology.
  7. Baxter is concerned that much of the Church’s preaching has become either too moralistic or too spiritualized. What’s his answer to this problem? Expository preaching.
  8. Pastor Hiller Teaches On Mark 1:21-28

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