1. In the pulpit a preacher who is making eye contact, preaching by heart, speaking “to” you and not merely “at” you, you feel like you can trust this guide.
  2. The castaway senses he needs something more. And what he needs more, much more, than mere help with acclimating himself to life on the island is a message which transcends the island.
  3. Preaching ought, therefore, to be regarded not as the second-class stepsister to academic theology, but as its pioneering elder brother.
  4. Whenever you preach the Word of God, with whatever preparation, it is evermore the Spirit who preaches.
  5. Too often sermons are like treadmills: Lots of work that takes us nowhere. Better for your sermon to be like an escalator: Move your people onward and upward in faith.
  6. Preachers, just because there is a placeholder carved out right there in the liturgy which says SERMON, that does not give us license to blather.
  7. The gathered pilgrims benefit from having a competent, compassionate preacher as a tour guide who can lead them through the wonders of God’s Word.
  8. More often than not, God’s people in your pews will benefit from having an inkling of where your Lord’s Day journey will take them.
  9. When we celebrate ceremonies like the Palm Sunday procession, faith makes its way more deeply into our bones.
  10. Underlying the particular strategies of these missionaries was a more fundamental approach to proclamation, one contemporary preachers need to reclaim.
  11. For all his theological and literary works, Giertz was always a preacher at heart. He recognized the pulpit was the perpetual fount of the Church’s faith.
  12. Just as shoddy builders can get by at times with subpar work, so also shoddy preachers can occasionally offer up half-baked homiletic hash.

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