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Gretchen Ronnevik
  1. This is the end of our conversation with Aimee Byrd to discuss the discipleship of women.
  2. We have special guest, Aimee Byrd, on today to talk about her journey in being a woman who studies theology. She shares the purpose on each of her books and how they build off of one another, leading up to her most recent book that we are discussing today on Biblical manhood and womanhood.
  3. We are discussing "I can do all things through Christ" in context of the rest of the passage, and then we discuss the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac (rather... not sacrificing him) and whether or not Christians are called to sacrifice. Is that what this passage is talking about?
  4. Gretchen and Katie start to tackle out of context verses. These verses are commonly quoted, whether they are from signs, devotionals, motivational talks, or conversation, but without the context that makes sense of them.
  5. Gretchen and Katie have been on the road, in the midst of harvest, and have collected the best highlights of the recent 1517 conference in Las Vegas.
  6. In this episode Gretchen and Katie get to as Kelsi Klembara about the practical implications of giving assurance. To put it another way, what is the fruit of giving assurance?
  7. In this episode, we interview one of our favorite people: Kelsi Klembara, editor of the 1517 website. Kelsi has done a lot of research on the topic of assurance of our salvation from both a theological and historical point of view, and we had some questions for her.
  8. We finish up our conversation with Heidi Goehmann on the relationship between mental health and theology.
  9. It has been 1 year since Katie and Gretchen started the Freely Given podcast.
  10. Spiritual Disciplines for the Spiritually Exhausted

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