1. The LORD vindicates His people in the midst of their misery and despair—for this He has come.
  2. The image on Palm Sunday is about something so primordial, so powerful and ancient, so deep, that it would shatter any kind of limits. It would break through any attempt to restrain it.
  3. In the middle of the cosmic, creedal story, Paul places us, you and me, and all of those who belong by faith to Christ.
  4. Preaching the inseparability of Jesus and Jerusalem is to proclaim God’s Messiah and the fulfillment of the Scriptures.
  5. For the God-man goes from borrowed donkey to borrowed upper room to borrowed cross and borrowed tomb. For you.
  6. As we gather for Palm Sunday, John invites us to simply experience the wonder of Jesus, the Lord of all, who does His work in humility.
  7. Paul wants us to see this “present evil age” is dominated by a theology of glory and “the age to come” is dominated by a theology of the cross. They are two ways of understanding and interpreting all of reality, but especially the ways and nature of God.
  8. Explore the traditions of Palm Sunday with Cindy and her kids during our week of preparation before Easter! The Journey of Jesus begins today when he triumphantly rides into Jerusalem and it takes him straight to the cross. Have this conversation with your family as we walk closer to the great resurrection celebration!
  9. In the midst of our grief and sorrow, there are times when words fail us. When they do, we know that God has given us words that will never fail us. He’s graciously given us his words of hope and comfort from the Psalms.

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