1. Here on Palm Sunday in the Gospel according to John, we see several groups of people in progress. Some have seen more signs than others. None of them really get it.
  2. In prayer, hymns, and readings we hear the great paradox of our faith: Christ is proclaimed the mighty King who reigns, not by way of the so-called “triumphal entry,” but from the cruciform tree of life, the Cross of Calvary.
  3. We believe, not on account of what we saw or felt or because of any physical evidence, but we believe on account of the Word which came true!
  4. A set of Holy Week poems written and published first by Tanner Olson on his website, writtentospeak.com.
  5. When we celebrate ceremonies like the Palm Sunday procession, faith makes its way more deeply into our bones.
  6. The LORD vindicates His people in the midst of their misery and despair—for this He has come.
  7. The image on Palm Sunday is about something so primordial, so powerful and ancient, so deep, that it would shatter any kind of limits. It would break through any attempt to restrain it.
  8. In the middle of the cosmic, creedal story, Paul places us, you and me, and all of those who belong by faith to Christ.

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