1. That is the good news that ifies all hand wringing and wipes away every tear from every eye.
  2. It's ok to remember those who gave their life for their country and not remind them that Jesus did something greater just so they don't get a big head. You can tell them the Good News however! Sins forgiven - for free!
  3. The view of Total Depravity as it is usually understood by outsiders (and even many insiders), is often misunderstood. Despite appearances to the contrary, Total Depravity does not mean totally evil.
  4. The Seed of the woman is he who will crush the head of the evil one and restore man to a right and proper relationship with God.
  5. Our brokenness cuts deeper than just the times when we recognize it needs to be fixed.
  6. The danger of denying the truth of our common human fallenness and brokenness by original sin is that the denial of this doctrine may also lead us to the denial of Christ as our Savior.
  7. In this episode we discuss original sin and total depravity.
  8. And I'm Free, Free Falling... Gillespie and Riley read and discuss C.S. Lewis' meditation on the Fall into Sin. They go deep into the subjects of free will, dualism, retributive justice, and why discussing sin isn't as easy as we'd like.
  9. The simul makes several affirmations and rejections on the doctrines of sin/original sin, justification, and sanctification, to name a few.
  10. As I weigh briefly here the advantages and disadvantages of preaching original sin and preaching actual sin, I don’t mean to argue for one and against the other. Instead, I mean to suggest a benefit in focusing a given sermon on one or the other, and that neither type of sermon should be the only type a Christian hears.
  11. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. It can get ahold of a person and turn him all the way in on himself. What seemed a brief reflection lingers for hours, days, weeks, even years.

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