1. We number our days not according to our timeframe but according to God’s work and his rhythms.
  2. Diving for Gomers. In this episode, we have a much-needed conversation about slavery to sin, Ezekiel’s whore metaphor for God’s relationship with his people, and why it’s important that Christians not shy away from difficult conversations about how God describes sin and grace in the Bible.
  3. Theologian and Biblical Scholar, John Kleinig, joins Kelsi to discuss the vision the Bible gives us for God's redemptive plan as a wholly physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional endeavor.
  4. Tim wanted everyone to know to the deepest part of their being that they were justified by Christ alone.
  5. Luther's emphasis on the need for sinners to have preachers who can provide them with the comfort and support they need for their faith in Jesus Christ and life is as relevant today as it was in his time.
  6. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss church unity.
  7. Drowning The Branch Manager for Christ. In this episode, we discuss Jonah, ministry, and the aches and pains of church life while reading Eugene Peterson’s book, Under The Unpredictable Plant.
  8. If Easter is about Jesus as the prototype of the new creation, then the Ascension is about His enthronement as the One who rules forevermore on Earth as it is in Heaven.
  9. Craig and Troy finish up the short series on offenses given and received. Today they look at the offense of false teaching, and how the church should respond to it.
  10. Walther’s living legacy is his enduring teaching on how to distinguish the law and the gospel in the Church’s proclamation.

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