1. In between boarding up your windows and hauling 5 lb. drums of peanut butter down to your basement, grab a hot rum toddy, pull your muck boots up, and inject yourself with a little reality in Jesus with the Preachers.
  2. Fred Rogers did not teach children how to live through a pandemic, but he had many profound things to say about loving our neighbors and finding our identity in that calling.
  3. Whoever your president is, you have a King. A King who elected you.
  4. We need a God who acts for us, each of us in particular. We need a God who sticks to His Word that He will never abandon or forsake us.
  5. God uses the fifth commandment to protect us from selfishness, prevent us from only thinking about our needs, and to drive us to Christ and our neighbors.
  6. Christ crucified is at the heart of both our freedom from sin and death and our freedom to serve and love our neighbor.
  7. Our freedom as Christians is not a form of independence. Our freedom in Christ comes from our dependence on him.
  8. This is an excerpt from Adam Francisco’s conclusion in “The Freedom of the Christian” written by Martin Luther and translated and edited by Adam Francisco (1517 Publishing, 2020). Pgs. 57-59.
  9. Understanding that I am completely free in Christ allows me to read the injunction to “love my neighbor as myself” as a promise instead of a threat.
  10. The love God showed for us in the death of his Son continues in us because we remain his children as long as we are incorporated in the body of Jesus through faith.

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