1. Lenten Series at Cathedral Church of the Advent
  2. Lenten Series at Cathedral Church of the Advent
  3. The LORD vindicates His people in the midst of their misery and despair—for this He has come.
  4. The Exodus always remains a continual and present reality for the people of Israel—it is always on their mind. It was and remained the big salvific event of the Old Testament, yet at the same time it points forward to what God will yet/continue to do to save His people.
  5. Paul puts everything he has gained by his religious life and training (verses 4-7) onto the scales opposite life with Christ and finds a real bargain.
  6. This living Word breaks and crushes. It comes down as crushing judgment on those who reject the Son. But it promises to heal and restore all those who fall on the Son broken, contrite, and in faith.
  7. Lent means that we do not have to look to ourselves but can look to our neighbor in love as Christ has loved us.
  8. In this time of brutal war and divisive conflict, here we have an especially profound word of gospel.

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