1. Author and Poet, Rachel Welcher, joins Kelsi to talk about her collection of poems entitled, "Two Funerals, then Easter" in which Rachel shares personal stories of both grief and joy.
  2. Their interest in the one who had been raised turned to the One who did the raising. And meeting Jesus did not leave them unaffected.
  3. Jesus is coronated on the Cross. It would be from Golgotha where Jesus will reign over the kingdoms of the earth.
  4. The prophet is clear that this coming King would be different from the common experience of kings, both in Israel and among all the kings of the earth.
  5. When we change the subject too quickly from the ugliness of the cross to its beauty, or from suffering to glory, problems arise.
  6. The fact of Jesus being the greatest of all priests in the greatest of all orders of priesthood, means He is the consummate pastor for those in need of a powerful and availing shepherd.
  7. God has chosen to covenant with us, to forgive us, and not hold our sins and trespasses against us. He has changed His attitude towards us.
  8. Sin is a heavy thing to bear. Its jacket is shame, its medals are guilt.

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