1. In his death, Jesus has done the ultimate act of charity. He has given his life for all.
  2. The LORD your God is one—He is your LORD. Therefore, you may/can/shall live as His child, and this is what that looks like!
  3. Are we still haunted by God? Do our sins bother us to the point that we worry about God’s righteous wrath? Does the concept of justification, how one can be right in the eyes of God, even cross our minds?
  4. Grace is God’s caring disposition toward His human creatures. And it is shown fully and purely in the work of Jesus for us.
  5. The full effect of the Law had been visited upon God's people, but now the LORD will remember His people and return them to the land of promise and to Holy Jerusalem.
  6. Today, Jesus' road to Jerusalem turns into your congregation. He calls you and your hearers to follow Him all the way home.
  7. A little or a lot, great is the joy of the child of God for the meaning of life is not defined by stuff, but rather by the cross.

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