1. For almost three years, I have produced a weekly video in the series “Reading the Gospels through Hebrew Eyes.” Here is an index of all the Gospel readings covered so far, with links to their YouTube videos.
  2. The time is always near. The world rages on and in it you have tribulation, it is true. But the One who is standing at the gate has conquered.
  3. The Israelites had taken the Covenantal promise and the language of separation and interpreted them to mean the message of salvation and restoration was meant for only them. But this is counter to the reality of the Scriptures.
  4. This text arguably contains the clearest teaching concerning the bodily resurrection from the dead in the Old Testament.
  5. Everywhere we look, there is suffering. But Jesus is not calling us to look. He is calling us to listen.
  6. This is an extremely important chapter and it speaks to the motif of DEATH and RESURRECTION in a powerful way.
  7. In his death, Jesus has done the ultimate act of charity. He has given his life for all.
  8. The LORD your God is one—He is your LORD. Therefore, you may/can/shall live as His child, and this is what that looks like!

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