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  1. The Parable of the Lost Sheep bursts through the confines of convention and demands that we embrace the messiness of life and the unpredictable ways in which God's grace and forgiveness operates.
  2. Tim wanted everyone to know to the deepest part of their being that they were justified by Christ alone.
  3. The drama of Scripture is about God renaming us by bringing us into his image-bearing family once again. And it would take “a name above all names” to accomplish it.
  4. This is the prelude of Easter. Is a dead Jesus still resting in the tomb? No!
  5. Rightly distinguishing between law and gospel, as Paul helps us see in 2 Corinthians 3, is, quite literally, a matter of life and death.
  6. The law had to have its way with the expert to bring him around (and back) to Abraham's response.
  7. Maybe, just maybe, our goal for 2023 should not be to live more but to die more.
  8. The reason that God’s commandments are not burdensome is that Jesus has fulfilled them.
  9. Both now and forever, the bruised and crucified Lord nailed to a cross is our assurance of deliverance.
  10. Righteousness before God is possessed only by grace and that through the currency of faith.
  11. Sometimes in hanging on to our useless guilt, we are idolaters. We believe our sin or conscience is more powerful than our God.

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