1. God's Son comes to deal with the infestation of sin, but in an unforeseen twist of grace, he’s the only one who goes under the knife.
  2. The youths that mock Elisha are representative of Israel’s collective contempt and disregard for all things relating to their One True God.
  3. What happens when Jesus tells a parable about His Kingdom? Craig and Troy discuss Christ's Kingdom operates.
  4. What's your vote for the most misapplied and misquoted Bible verse of all time? Craig and Troy vote for "Don't you judge me!" Today we talk about the reality of being under judgment, and seeking repentance.
  5. Jesus Christ is our peace because he doesn't criticize us. He declares us freed from our perceptions to accept the truth about ourselves.
  6. What does the return of the Lord Jesus in judgment mean for me now in the face of all the real-life verdicts that I have to face?
  7. In this context where death looms large, Jesus reveals a kingdom where life looms even larger.
  8. Because Israel has turned the eschatology of the Day of the LORD into “escapism” Amos turns that notion on its head in his prophecy.
  9. As we stand before our Lord dead in our transgressions and guilt, Jesus pronounces His judgment upon us. He absolves us.

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