1. Joy isn't getting what you want when you want it. We can't produce joy, but we can produce pleasure, but we often get those two things confused.
  2. Psalm 98, with its promise of a sea and mountains singing, takes these imposing natural features and turns them into a praise choir.
  3. A sermon featuring Pastor Edward Killian.
  4. The church’s song goes on and on, singing and ringing down to us today.
  5. In Advent we wait, in Christmas we rejoice over the coming of Christ in the fulfillment of the promises, and in Epiphany we celebrate the surprise, the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles.
  6. The giver of life, the source of joy, stands weeping together with the human family as they grieve under the curse of sin.
  7. Though envy whispers to us that peace can only be found by “keeping up,” Jesus whispers to us a better word: “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”
  8. There is joy in Lent, but it is the kind of joy that comes in being made whole.
  9. In schools and on barstools and in delis and where two or three gather, your Savior turns you loose to encounter those who are delightful and loveable.
  10. Trusting in Christ’s promise of new life and deliverance breaks through sorrow and worry; such trust pours joy into the way we think and the way we experience life.
  11. Ruth is given six measures of joy and rest. Boaz does everything he can to protect her integrity and her reputation. God's blessings will fall on them both, and all people will be blessed through Him.
  12. Only through Christ and his work are our sins forgiven, and our consciences set free and made glad.

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