1. Dr. Paulson takes a deep dive into the death of Christ and its purpose in God's redemption of sinners.
  2. God has found a way to be God even for the likes of us. He has found a way to save sinners.
  3. The Messiah is exiled from God on the cross as Israel was. Forsaken as Israel was forsaken. Cast away from Yahweh as Israel was. Why?
  4. On this Good Friday, we take a moment to pause and consider Christ's crucifixion and death . . . done for you.
  5. Christ has come to make every last aspect of your life the object of his eternal, never-ending, always transitive grace.
  6. Easter must be seen in light of the cross. It must never overshadow Good Friday. They are a packaged deal!
  7. On Good Friday, poetic justice is satisfied. Poetic mercy is all which remains.
  8. What grace is this? It’s grace from Christ, who often seizes us when we least expect it, even through the hands of His enemies.
  9. You can’t bear your own sins, to say nothing of getting rid of them.
  10. Good Friday encompasses the silence of God, even as it focuses on our salvation in the cross of Christ.
  11. Golgotha is the point where not only Mary and John’s family life assumed a new character, but it is the point of orientation for all human community that uses the cross to straighten out the lives of individuals turned in upon themselves.

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