1. We have to “remember” that God remembers us. He has not fallen away. For God to remember us means he is working for our good; a restoration.
  2. I think the problem with the idea of eternity is that we do not have any direct experience of it, but we encounter enough of its possibility to be unsettling.
  3. You might not know it, but every Christian hopes for the day when their faith will die. Really. I promise. Faith’s death is our celebration.
  4. Miracles, for all their wonder and encouragement, rely on the dazzling of our senses to work. Because miracle-faith produces sensory-faith, it is of a poor quality.
  5. There are a few occasions in the Bible where the curtain lifts, and we get to peer into the inner workings of the Divine Court.
  6. It is often the case that when dealing Divine, we find ourselves befuddled. For as relatable and surprisingly vulnerable God is as the man Jesus, he seems, at times, to retain a certain aloofness, a type of distance.