1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY, Mike and Wade (has anyone seen Jason anywhere lately?) discuss the history of the terms “protestant,” “evangelical,” “catholic,” and “orthodox.”
  2. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-NINE, Mike, Jason, and Wade discuss Christianity and paganism.
  3. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE, Jason and Wade discuss chronological hubris and the need to consider people and events within the context of their time and not ours, suggesting that the Old Testament is a good remedy for chronological hubris.
  4. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-NINE, Jason and Wade discuss historical theology and why we are historical theologians.
  5. Past, present, and future are tied together in Christ.
  6. Wade and Mike welcome Dr. Andrew Schmiege making it a three Michigander episode. Dr. Schmiege teaches Spanish at Wisconsin Lutheran College. A true renaissance man, Dr. Schmiege, interests are wide as shown in his dissertation topic which dealt with Christian and Islamic polemics in early modern Spain.
  7. On episode ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SIX Mike and Wade are joined once again by Dr. Aaron Palmer from the history department at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Before getting to the American Revolution, which is Dr. Palmer's area of expertise, the guys ask and answer the question: In what age of history would you least/most like to have lived? in the Free-for-All.
  8. In the TWENTY-FIFTH episode in our Wingin' It series on the life of Martin Luther, Wade and Mike keep on with their discussion of the life of Luther. This time they are discussing Luther's time at the Wartburg castle, or should one say Junker Jörg's time at the Wartburg castle.
  9. Mike and Wade sit down in Wade's backyard once again, this time to discuss Saints (and many of the different ways we use that term). They are joined for the Free-for-All by Sophia (Wade's youngest daughter) to discuss favorite Bible characters.
  10. This time around Mike sits down with Dr. Braun to discuss the history of Lutheranism in America.
  11. God has forgiven you. That is an objective fact. You can reject it, but it is nevertheless true.

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