1. A truly Lenten mindset sees the season as preparatory for the resurrection life of Easter as opposed to the mortification of Good Friday.
  2. The number forty calls to remembrance narratives of God’s great acts of redemption, but also our conformity to and participation in those narratives.
  3. The driving impulse of Lent isn’t so much “giving up” things as it is “putting on” something.
  4. Ever Heard of Candlemas?
  5. Luke shows us that when we try to fit God into our life movie, the plot is all wrong; and not just wrong but trivial.
  6. Theology and history go hand in hand in the real person of Jesus Christ, making the truth of the Gospels profoundly human and powerfully meaningful.
  7. The sign of the cross, according to the earliest centuries of Christians, is “the sign of the Lord,” and every baptized Christian was “marked” with it.
  8. On this episode, we talk with a dude that has seen plenty, in the academic world, in military service, and in the church. Rev. Dr. Bombaro has spent time studying and teaching on this aspect of the passion of Jesus for years, and he brings us a packed episode- you may want to get a pen out, or listen twice!