1. Divide by Two, but Add by One. In this episode, we discuss Nestorius’ sermon on whether Mary was Theotokos or not and what happens when one tries to comment on the two natures of God using Greek philosophy to exegete Scripture.
  2. God Has No Skin in The Game? In this episode, we discuss Tertullian’s argument against Marcion about God’s being born flesh and blood in his treatise, On The Flesh of Christ. What’s at stake when well-meaning Christians disembody God and, consequently, Christians?
  3. What We've Got Here Is Failure to Communicate. In this episode, we discuss Karl Barth’s Roman’s commentary, which cast a long and influential shadow over much of twentieth-century theology, and what it can teach today.
  4. The Stuff That Heresies Are Made Of. In this episode, we discuss Ireneaus’ attack on the Marcionite and Gnostic heresies, which sought to divide Christ’s two natures, and the ramifications of this teaching for the churches today.
  5. Blind Faith Is Worthless Unless It’s Blind Faith in Us. In this episode, we discuss Augustine’s Confessions, specifically Augustine’s reflection on the Manichaeans and the effect God’s Word had on his conversion to Christianity.
  6. Do You Read The Bible? What’s Your Secret? In this episode, we discuss how to understand the Bible from Matthias Flacius’ book, How to Understand the Sacred Scriptures.
  7. It’s A Bittersweet, Scientific Symphony of Atheism. In this episode, we discuss Josh McDowell’s book, More Than A Carpenter, and the topic of belief, science, and atheism. Do science and faith contradict one another? Is atheism a reasonable position over-against belief in God?
  8. Liar, Liar, Jesus Is A Lunatic? In this episode, we read More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell. We discuss the cultural-historical argument that Jesus was either a good moral teacher or a prophet, or whether he was a liar, lunatic, or Lord.
  9. Does God Care Whether We’re Good or Bad? We conclude our discussion of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. If Christians live in enemy territory, as Lewis writes, how does that affect the defense of our faith? Do we have free will, and why would God give us free will if he knew we’d eat from Eden’s tree? What does conscience have to do with our relationship with God and one another?
  10. Let’s Fight! In this episode, we read and discuss C.S. Lewis’ popular book: Mere Christianity. What do Christians believe? How do we discuss religion, good and evil, God and the devil, and why Christianity isn’t something anyone would ever think to invent?
  11. Singing in Tune, But Singing The Wrong Song... In this episode, we conclude our discussion of Revelation by Flannery O’Connor. How does a theologian of the cross reveal the truth to people who don’t want to listen? Paradox, misdirection, and revelation.
  12. A Christ-Haunted Parable... In this episode, we discuss faith, segregation, and the Christ-haunted south as described by Flannery O’Connor in her short story, Revelation. What happens to us when we discuss race, gender, class, and culture apart from Christ Jesus? What does it mean that the churches are Christ-haunted? What happens when the churches are quiet about what God’s Word says to a nation’s leaders, clergy, and people?

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