1. Let’s Not Talk About Love. In this episode, we discuss R.C. Sproul’s Christmas sermon wherein he preaches on the Gospel of Luke chapter 2. The espresso kicked in early, and we read through the whole sermon before diving deep into the distinction between exposition and proclamation, so buckle up. Riley talks too much while Gillespie exercises patience and restraint.
  2. They Call Me… Tim. In this episode, we discuss Tim Keller’s sermon, The Purpose of Christmas. Does it matter that Jesus’ birth is a historical fact? What’s the difference between an eyewitness account and a legend? What are we really preaching at Christmas, and why should anyone care?
  3. You Know, The Thing. In this episode, Robert Capon on The Mystery of Christ, and Why We Don’t Get It. We discuss exegesis, pastoral care, preaching, and the task of a theologian.
  4. Turning Inward to Attack Evil. In this episode, we continue to discuss Simone Weil on Evil. The importance of Jesus’ sacrificial death as expiation and redemption and what happens when we try to make good apart from God.
  5. Am I Evil? In this episode, we continue to read and discuss Simone Weil on Evil. Violence, suffering, and justice. What part does human evil play in Jesus’ sacrificial death?
  6. Oh goodness, it’s so evil. In this episode, we continue reading and discussing Simone Weil on evil. If God alone is good what does that mean for our understanding of ourselves and the world?
  7. Am I Evil? In this episode, Simone Weil on evil. What is evil, and how is it distinct from what is good? How does our understanding of evil, or our ignorance of it, affect the churches?
  8. This is an excerpt from “Crucifying Religion” written by Donavon Riley (1517 Publishing, 2019).
  9. Jesus is a real person talking to you and feeding you, which is beyond intellectual Christianity!
  10. Jesus is our confidence because he reveals truth from falsehood, right from wrong, and reality from appearance, so that we may rely on him for our every need of body, soul, and mind.
  11. Apart from God's word, we will judge the right to be wrong and evil people as good.
  12. We must not submit ourselves to false gods and godless men. Instead, we may hold fast to Christ, because He’s holding fast to us.

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