1. Won’t Get Fooled Again. In this episode, we discuss all things Advent - repentance, John the Baptist, preaching Christ, pastoral care to the afflicted and the unrepentant, and how to get to hell - while reading Norman Nagel’s Advent 3 sermon.
  2. All Day and All of the Night. In this episode of Banned Books, we discuss Advent and the second coming of Jesus Christ while reading a sermon by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Along the way, we talk about the symbols and meaning of Christmas, how preaching a biblical sermon doesn’t mean it’s a gospel sermon, and why that matters, all with an extra echo for dramatic effect.
  3. Sober Up, He’s Coming! In this episode of the Banned Books podcast, we read Aelfric’s Advent homily while discussing decorating churches for Christmas, the importance of symbolism for the Christian faith, what a tide is, and why the books Genesis and Revelation reference everything regarding faith and life.
  4. Planking with Brennan Manning... Gillespie and Riley follow up their reading of Brennan Manning's Advent Meditation, "Shipwrecked at The Stable" by discussing why Roman Catholic theology, as Manning presents it, is so appealing to Protestants.
  5. Planking with Brennan Manning... This week, Gillespie and Riley dive into Brennan Manning's Advent Meditation, "Shipwrecked at The Stable," and they go deep into Manning's expression of Roman Catholic theology.