1. This Messiah is not a continuation—He is the fulfillment and the beginning of something new.
  2. Waiting is not easy, but after waiting a long time, one would at least expect us to be ready when the time came.
  3. The Messenger is coming—must come—because the LORD God has promised, and He is unchanging and always faithful no matter how unfaithful His people may be.
  4. In Christ, all things are new. This is also true in so far as His three-fold office of prophet, priest, and king.
  5. Not only is Jesus the New David, He is also the New Temple—the House and Kingdom! This is the throne that is everlasting.
  6. The words the Anointed One uses to describe His reign are very familiar ones: Preach to the afflicted, bind up the broken hearted, liberty for the captives, opening eyes, comfort and provide for those who mourn.
  7. Isaiah invokes beautiful imagery of the Good Shepherd who tends His flock, gathers His lambs in His arms, carries them in His bosom, and gently leads.
  8. The LORD God had promised He was coming, and they were certain there could be no better time for Him to fulfill His promise.
  9. “God with Us”...is a common theme throughout Scripture: No one else has a God like ours, who is truly with His people.
  10. Isaiah’s beautiful prophetic language describing the, “Coming of the Promised One,” is very familiar to us, but the challenge is always to determine to which coming of the Messiah Isaiah’s prophecy is pointing towards.
  11. Isaiah 11:1-10 provides us with an Advent text capturing the beauty, excitement and reality of both the first coming of the Messiah and the second coming.
  12. Isaiah 2:1-5... is a beautiful eschatological prophecy focusing on the era of peace that comes along with the coming of the LORD.