1. Sober Up, He’s Coming! In this episode of the Banned Books podcast, we read Aelfric’s Advent homily while discussing decorating churches for Christmas, the importance of symbolism for the Christian faith, what a tide is, and why the books Genesis and Revelation reference everything regarding faith and life.
  2. The lesson of Malachi reveals God’s love for his people. When the people ask for proof of God’s love, he reminds them of their election.
  3. We will not become hopeless because the Lord is with us.
  4. People do not seek the gospel because they want to, but because God’s Word drives them to it.
  5. Advent is not a call to prepare to engage in a transaction with God.
  6. The proclamation of Christ's coming is for all people, at all times.
  7. To a world enslaved to time (because it has no future), the Church's disregard for clocks and calendars is ridiculous.
  8. The promise of Advent is the promise of the lamb slain, who is born and given for us so that we don’t have to fear sin, death, and hell.
  9. Most days, we're not okay. We're not good enough, strong enough, or "Christian" enough.
  10. Jesus isn't just "the reason for the season." He's the reason we don't have to cross off "spiritually bankrupt," "mentally compromised," and "physically vulnerable" from our Christmas list.
  11. Planking with Brennan Manning... Gillespie and Riley follow up their reading of Brennan Manning's Advent Meditation, "Shipwrecked at The Stable" by discussing why Roman Catholic theology, as Manning presents it, is so appealing to Protestants.
  12. What Jesus says is simple, but the simplest things are difficult, and difficulty causes friction.

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