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  1. Jesus is both “the way” and “the way out” of the nightmare called death AND He has secured it for you in His resurrection which you are connected to in the waters of your baptism.
  2. We believe, not on account of what we saw or felt or because of any physical evidence, but we believe on account of the Word which came true!
  3. God will change His attitude towards His rebellious and idolatrous people and raise them from their graves. They will be His living people once again.
  4. God identifies the savior as bearing the same problem all people have. But rather than bearing the problem because He Himself was a sinner, it is better to say He bore the problem with sinners, so He might bring them to salvation.
  5. We live our lives of flesh dependent like slaves, but God has made us children and heirs through Christ. So, we must “unlearn” what we have learned in our lives of sin.

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