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  1. A sign was given to Ahaz to point him toward the greater sign given in a manger and that Bethlehem’s Messiah is the sign we look forward to seeing in the sky when Jesus, our Emmanuel, comes again.
  2. No one comes to God except through Christ who took the jagged road of Calvary for you and me and opened-up the way previously blocked by death through His glorious resurrection.
  3. Christ the King’s return will show us what we can only imagine. He will be a king and His a kingdom will be unlike any we have known.
  4. The name of God invites us on a journey to see how God will remain present with his people, listen to their cries for salvation, know their sufferings in such an intimate way so as to incarnate them in Christ.
  5. No efforts to create worship as a delectable dish to attract people to our services will ever work, because it is only what God gives to us in His Word and Sacrament that can satisfy the hungry and thirsty soul.

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