The appointed psalm for this Second Sunday in Easter is Psalm 148, and as a beautiful praise psalm, fits well in the Easter season. The Psalter can generally be organized in a “relationship” way by seeing the various psalms as psalms of orientation, disorientation and new or re-orientation. Psalm 148 is interesting in that it could easily fit two separate categories. Creation Psalms are generally considered to be psalms of orientation—God created a beautiful world with beautiful people in a perfect, beautiful relationship with Him. Psalm 148 could easily be seen as depicting this reality! However, the Psalm could also be considered as a psalm of reorientation or new orientation—the world was/is a mess because of sin but God will/has sent His Son to renew, restore, and re-create His relationship with man. The result of this new orientation is a situation worthy of praise and thanksgiving.

Psalm 148 could be either, however, because this is the season of Easter it may be best to see it as a psalm of re-orientation. Christ’s work on the cross and His resurrection from the dead has restored, renewed and re-orientated our relationship with God! All of creation gives thanks and praise to the LORD God for His wonderful deed of re-creating His fallen world. It is interesting to note how there is no mention of strife, trouble, pain, suffering or sin in this particular psalm. Nothing but praise as the name of the LORD is exalted.

148:1 הַלְלוּ (Hal-lu) Imperative: “to praise”

יָהּ (yah) Shortened form of “Yahweh”

בַּמְּרוֹמִים; (bam-me-ro-Mim) from: מרוֹם (maw-rome) “heaven; height”

148:2 מַלְאָכָיו; (mal-a-Chav) “His angels”

צְבָאָו (tze-va-Av) “His hosts (as in army hosts)”

148:3 וְיָרֵחַ (ve-ya-Re-ach) “moon”

כּוֹכְבֵי “(Koch-vei) “stars”

148:5 צִוָּה (tziv-Vah) Qal: “to command”

וְנִבְרָאוּ (ve-niv-Ra-u) root: ברא (baw-raw) Niphal: “to be created”

148:6 וַיַּעֲמִידֵם (vai-ya-a-mi-Dem) root: עמד (aw-mad) Hiphil: “to place; to cause to stands; to establish”

לָעַד (la-Ad) “perpetuity; lasting into the future; forever”

148:7 תַּנִּינִים (tan-ni-Nim) “sea monsters; sea creatures”

תְּהֹמוֹת. (ta-ho-Mot) from: תּהוֹם. (teh-home) “flood; abyss; deep”

148:8 וּבָרָד (U-va-rod) “hail”

שֶׁלֶג “(She-leg) “snow”

וְקִיטוֹר> (ve-ki-Tor) “smoke; fog; thick smoke; mist”

סְעָרָה (se-a-Rah) “tempest; storm; high wind; stormy wind”

148:9 גְּבָעוֹת (ge-va-ot) “hills; elevation; heights”

אֲרָזִים (a-ra-Zim) “cedars; fir trees”

148:10 הַחַיָּה (ha-chai-Yah) “wild animals; beasts; wild beasts; beasts of prey”

רֶמֶשׂ (Re-mes) “creeping things; crawling things;

וְצִפּוֹר> (ve-tzip-Por) “birds; flying things; flying birds”

148:11 לְאֻמִּים (le-um-Mim) “nations; peoples”

148:12 בַּחוּרִים; (ba-chu-Rim) “young men (fully grown)”

בְּתוּלוֹת. (be-tu-Lot) “virgins; maidens”

148:13 נִשְׂגָּב (nis-Gav) root: שְׂגָּב (saw-gab) Niphal: “to be exalted”

הוֹדוֹ (ho-Do) “majesty; splendor”

148:14 קֶרֶן, (Ke-ren) “horn”

תְּהִלָּה (te-hil-Lah) “glory; thanksgiving; adoration; praise”

חֲסִידָיו (cha-si-Dav) “faithful; saints; godly ones; pious”

קְרֹבוֹ (ke-ro-Vo) “close; near


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