Jesus has taken away sin and death, and through the cross, God's furious anger is taken away. God's Word of Law hurled God's furious anger at us, but the Gospel frees us to believe that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Jesus has taken away sin and death. He's given us a voice that's free to praise the Father. Our sin is forgiven, so we're free to celebrate Jesus' victory over sin and death. Without forgiveness, there's no peace. There's only God's furious anger. But, the Gospel announces Jesus has taken away sin and death, replaced them with forgiveness and new life. This is our constant source of comfort.

We have someone we can depend on, someone we can look to for help, someone who will strengthen and encourage us. This is Jesus, who grasps us with his promise so we can stand fast. He's our sign that God's not angry anymore. God doesn't want to punish us. He wants to save us from every evil and from death. That's what Jesus does for us. He gives us wings, so to speak so that we may fly away from sin and death and nest in his forgiveness and peace.

When we brag about what Jesus does for us, we win the battle.

Jesus is always with us. He protects us like an eagle that stirs up her nest and hovers over her young. Jesus spreads wings to catch us and carries us on his wings up away from everything that tries to tear us apart from his forgiveness and peace.

This is our peace and safety. God is at peace with us. Jesus, savior and protector, will guard us when we're afraid of something, tempted by the devil, or attacked by our selfish cravings because he's our strength. He's our song of praise and celebration. His house is our house. His victory over sin and death is our victory. The enemies he tramples underfoot are our enemies. When we brag about what Jesus does for us, we win the battle.

So, when we're afraid, we pray for the Gospel. When we're upset, angry, and agitated, we demand the Gospel. When we're knocked down, passed over, and treated like garbage, we cry for the Gospel. If the sound of Gideon's trumpet annihilated his enemies, how much more can the Gospel do for us! Nothing can overthrow the power of the Gospel.

Where he’s preached and heard, there’s true freedom, praise, and celebration of what he does for us.

The power of the Gospel produces water in the wilderness. It knits dried bones into flesh, blood, and breath. It stops armies. The power of the Gospel takes away God's furious anger, sin, and death. That's why every good thing in our life - from faith, to family, to Christian freedom - must be credited to Jesus. Where he's preached and heard, there's true freedom, praise, and celebration of what he does for us.

Sing songs, preach, give thanks to Jesus for He's defeated death, Satan, and sin for us. He's risen from the dead for us. This is what we go out and preach to everyone everywhere. This is why we celebrate in church, at home, and everywhere we go. We have the forgiveness of sin, peace, the Holy Spirit, salvation, life, a loving heavenly Father, and all good things because of Jesus. We're free from all enemies. We're safe. God will never abandon or forsake us.

Jesus is unconquered. He does all good things for us. He's in us through faith, and he's more powerful than sin, death, and Satan.