1. The gospel's message is the scandalous announcement that Yahweh has stooped to our frame, to where we are.
  2. It seems to me that our greatest task is not that of seeking skills and methods whereby we can inject power into the gospel, but simply to beware lest we obscure the power that the gospel is
  3. God uses the unlikely, the unexpected, and sometimes even the unsavory to deliver us and to crush the heads of his enemies
  4. The cross is not some mystic metaphor for the change we must undergo before our self-realization, but the earth-shattering event that changed the course of eternity.
  5. "Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?" Poe is wrong. Though we have lulled ourselves asleep, the reality is far brighter and beautiful than we imagine. Christ is risen and so shall we. The dreamer who dreams is He.
  6. The whole world's sin, the crushing horror of death's power, and even hell itself were unleashed on that hill outside Jerusalem where Jesus was executed.
  7. When we brag about what Jesus does for us, we win the battle.
  8. Jesus has won the battle. The war is over. In His death, the victory’s sure.
  9. Pictures of God’s grace for us in and through His Son, Jesus, can be found in the most unlikely places. Recently, I witnessed one such picture of God’s grace during WrestleMania 34.
  10. You have been invited to bring God’s grace to people who are dying for want of it.
  11. The victory of Christ is hidden in the crosses we bear as Christians following Him to our own personal Golgothas.
  12. In the midst of suffering, hate, and sin, Jesus sets a table for soldiers. He feeds the fearful with forgiveness and eternal life.

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