1. This is an excerpt from Vocation: The Setting for Human Flourishing written by Michael Berg (1517 Publishing, 2021). Available for purchase this Tuesday!
  2. Undue Protestant antipathies toward Mary have muted not only her place in redemption history and its necessary connection to Christology, but also the virtue of virginity.
  3. Has the modern world taken too strong a dose of the gospel as its inheritance from the Reformation?
  4. Virtue, like all good things, can easily be weaponized. And not only can, but constantly is. Indeed, I would argue that, for churchgoing, rule-following, tradition-honoring, morality-applauding people, virtue often becomes the cancer that we deem a badge of honor.
  5. Jesus does not say to us, “Try really hard, and you will be better.”
  6. Years ago I picked up a used copy of Thomas Á Kempis’ Imitation of Christ at a second-hand bookstore.