1. As we finish Advent and celebrate Christmas, we remember that we are still waiting in hope for the return of our Savior.
  2. In this fun episode, we talk about ways we celebrate Advent as a family.
  3. We’ve hung on every whisper of hope that this way of life would end and a new one would rise to take its place.
  4. The promise of Advent is the promise of the lamb slain, who is born and given for us so that we don’t have to fear sin, death, and hell.
  5. Should we really be surprised that it would happen this way, that the servant would suffer for our salvation and die for our forgiveness?
  6. While we do not have an answer, we do have a promise. A promise given to us by a God whose one and only Son was himself slaughtered by those terrified of losing their power.
  7. God does not combat the impending armies of Satan with might and power, but with the weakness of a babe.
  8. The Son of Eve disarmed Satan’s hold on humanity, not with an earthquake, atomic bomb, or brilliant essay, but with his dead body and final words, “It is finished.”